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Looking for a one stop center for your interior environment needs?
You have just found the only team you will ever need.

A quarter century of experience is what we bring to every new venture. At the CWI Group we strive to make every project meet and exceed our clients' expectations. We want to be your premiere technical vertical surfaces systems provider for life! 

Standard and Custom Systems

Wood frame stretched fabric walls and ceilings in standard and custom depths starting at .25":  CompleteWall® Stretched * Trak: Complete Wall Extr® * Wrapped panels * European Traditional: Natural Wall® * Acoustical Foams * Anechoic Cones * Insulations * Sustainable and Smart Growth alternate components * RPG Diffusors and Abfusors * Eurospan * FRP * T-Bar * Celotex * Sound Curtains * Movable Walls * Antimicrobial * Sterile Environments * Accessories * Muraspec® * Acoustical Wall Carpeting * Professional surfaces cleaning * Maintenance * as well as Built-in, modular, free floating, stand-alone upholstered furniture for any environment.


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